Submission Guidelines

How to prepare your manuscript for submission?

  • Entire manuscript is formatted consistently as a word document (.doc or .docx): size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, left justification. No title page, no additional formatting other than conventional formatting of scientific terms (e.g. italics, symbols). 
  • Manuscript text includes all mandatory sections (indicated by * in examples):
  • For research articles: Title, Authors, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, Figure Legends
  • For review articles: Title, Authors, Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References, Figure Legends
  • Section titles are bold and capitalized. Subsection titles are bold only. Individual sections and subsections are formatted according to specifications given in the UJEMI example manuscript.
  • References are cited numerically in the text according to the order in which they appear, and they are listed in corresponding order in references section.
  • Figure titles, figure captions, and tables (if applicable) are included at the end of the manuscript in size 12 Times New Roman font as indicated in the example manuscript, NOT as images.
  • Figures are submitted separately as individual image files (.jpg or .png), NOT embedded in the manuscript.
  • Figure file names include last name of first author, year of submission, and figure number (i.e. " Chang_et_al_2020_Fig1.jpg")
  • Manuscript file name includes first author last name, year, and “manuscript” (i.e. Chang_et_al_2020_Manuscript.docx") 
  • Supplementary material includes first author last name, year, and “supplemental” (i.e. Chang_et_al_2020_Supplemental.docx") 

Download example manuscript text for a research article here

Download example manuscript text for a review article here

How to submit?

  1. Go to the online submission site:
  2. Create an account by clicking “Register”. Note: only one person per team needs to have an account, preferably the person planning to submit the manuscript. They will be the “corresponding author” on the paper.
  3. Create a new submission under the “Submissions tab”. Follow the on screen prompts. You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed the submission process. More submission guidelines can be found here: